Saturday, February 16, 2008

V-Day at Marriage Matters

This Valentine's Day Eve, we had a potluck at our Marriage Matters class at church. Following the gluttony, we were entertained by a Newlyweds game. Funny enough, the only couples that took part in the game were senior staff from the church - including Pastor Rocky and his wife, Nancy. Just a little bit of back-story, but every time that Pastor walks into our class, for some reason or another we are talking about sex (or something similar - it's a marriage class, after all!) Well, Pastor and his wife pretty much stole the show. I think they practiced before hand. However, the last question that was asked to the women (with the men out of the room) was "If there was a parrot in your bedroom, what would be the fist thing it would learn to say?" What follows is a paraphrased transcript of the answer that Nancy gave.
AJ: Nancy, if there was a parrot in your bedroom, what would be the first thing it would learn to say?
Nancy: (long pause) Uuum... Oh, this is going to sound crazy.
AJ: That doesn't matter. What would it be?
Nancy: (a little flustered) Well, I guess it would have to be... "deal or no deal"
Audience: (laughing hysterically)
Nancy: (even more flustered, turning red) Wait, let me explain!
AJ: (between laughs) We don't need an explanation, really. It's OK.
Nancy: The reason I chose that is because Rocky is always trying to find Deal or No Deal on TV!
Unfortunately, Rocky didn't guess the correct answer - it was the only question they didn't answer the same all night. Needless to say, though, it incited another boistrous round of laughter when Rocky found out what Nancy had answered!


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