Saturday, June 23, 2007

A turn of events

As you all know by now, I demolished our one and only mode of transportation on the way to work last week. And, since it was my fault, we were not compensated for the loss of our vehicle. This was very bad news, as we have 2 months of rent ($1100/month) plus credit card bills to pay off. Oh yah, and a $150 tow bill plus a $160 rental car bill. And, in the not-too-distant future, school loan payments. Needless to say, the idea of having to pay for another car (actually, 2 cars - we were looking for a car for Elaine before the wreck) was not sitting well.
Well, the night before the accident a really nice couple at church, Dan and Karen, gave us their phone number and told us to call if we ever needed anything. Since a ride is something that I considered a "need," I swallowed a hefty dose of pride and called. Less than a half day later, a third of the Detroit metro area knew we were in a wreck and looking for a cheap vehicle. A friend of Dan's dad, who didn't even know Dan, let alone me, called me up and offered to let us borrow his Bronco until we got our car situation straightened out.

The truck is a beast! I had no idea Broncos were so big. Anyway, The guy that let us borrow it, Art, is a super nice guy. He even invited us to go up to the sand dunes to go off-roading, and to go into downtown Detroit to visit a church there - he said it was an experience like none other. What a nice guy!
Well, a guy at work, Brian, had this car for sale. What kind of car? A 1993 Probe that needed some stuff replaced - stuff that was still good on our Probe! So, $700 later, we have a great running car in very good shape! Below are some photos of the car and me working on it. Sorry, it was dark outside. Turn up the contrast on your monitors, if you want.

Through all of this, we have made lots of friends, contacts, and dinner dates, and has been more of a blessing than a curse. What is that saying in the Bible? All things work together for good...


Anonymous Mom said...

Amen! All things DO work together for good to those who love HIM! Even when we can't see that GOOD very clearly for a while, He is giving us His blessings. I'm so glad you and Elaine have been able to see those blessings already! Keep looking to Him!

8:35 PM  

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