Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some pictures of the group

Here are some pics of the 7 of us (students, that is) that went on the trip to San Fran.

This is us at the airport. In the picture are (from left to right): Nick, Ashley, Evan, Jeremy, Me, Eddine, and EB.

This is all of us (Eddine is taking th photo) at Amine's Pizza. From here, we walked to the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, for those of you who don't know San Fran geography, that is roughly 4 miles. Of San Fran walking. Up and down hills. Windy roads. A great first day in the city.

This is us (EB is taking the photo, and the other girls are a ways behind) at the beach in the Presidio. This was on our way to the Golden Gate, about half way there. We wrote PSU in the sand and took pics of it. I only have a picture of Nick by the sand letters (below) - the picture of everyone was apparently taken on someone else's camera.


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