Monday, May 14, 2007

A letter to TiVo (a real page turner)

This letter was written by EB (with some editing by yours truly). All true.

I have had TiVo for almost a year now and love it, when it works. I purchased a Series 2 Dual Tuner with a one-year service plan in August 2006. Shortly after the three month warranty expired, my TiVo permanently froze on me and I had to pay $50 for an exchange. I was told that I would receive a three month warranty on the new box. I was put on hold for almost an hour through the exchange process. Initially I was shipped the wrong box (I received a single tuner). When I complained, I promptly received a shipping label to return the wrong box back at no charge to me. Days later I finally received the correct box. Since I went without TiVo service for the weeks I had no working TiVo, I felt that I deserved compensation. I had to ask for this, but was given a $10 credit. After a couple of months, this new dual tuner also started to freeze up. I called again and was told that it did not come with a three month warranty and would have to pay another $50. I told them that I was told I would get the warranty, so I was allowed to get a new box at no extra charge. During this exchange process, I was also kept on hold for close to an hour. I received the new box and returned the broken one to the address on the website. A few days later, it was returned to me because it was rejected at the warehouse. I called and was told that the RMA center had moved down the block. I was sent another shipping label and returned it promptly. The box was reported delivered on 4/27/07. I called on 5/9/07 because I still had not received the $249.99 credit to my credit card account. I was told that it could take 10 business days and that they would put a rush on it. As of 12 business days later, I still had not received my credit. I called and was transferred several times and put on hold for over an hour.
I am extremely disappointed in the product quality (three TiVos in less than one year is laughable), but it is the customer service that will prevent me from using TiVo products or service ever again. The employees have been nice but seem to be incompetent in regards to customer service. Being put on hold for that long every time is ridiculous, in addition to the mistakes committed. My numerous bad experiences have forced me to give intensely negative reviews about TiVo products and customer service to all who inquire. If these problems are fixed, my perception of the company might change and I may consider using TiVo again. However, I have yet to see any improvement in product quality or customer support. I do feel like you did the right thing in sending me the free shipping labels and the $10 credit and appreciate it, but it doesn’t amount to much when you consider what I have paid for the service.
Please see this letter not merely as a rant, but as somewhat of a guide to help better the company. Thank you for your time.


Blogger JD said...

Perhaps a DVR from whatever cable company you will eventually have in your new home will work out better.

I wish Tivo would get their act together!!!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Gill said...

Comcast has been pretty decent with their cable/on demand programming...internet has been spotty but we have had no problems with their tv. Maybe you can look into them! :)

6:23 PM  
Anonymous TK said...

EB, I am having problems with my A/C unit at our house. Can you write a letter for JK and I?

1:13 PM  

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