Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh yeah...

My grandparents came down yesterday to deliver some car parts for one of my beaters, and that reminded me of the last time they were down. We went up to the KC Auto Show and saw all the new models (and some concepts!). When we came back from the show - and gorging ourselves on AWESOME Italian food from Cinzetti's - we got bored, and decided to play some games. We (EB and I) love to play games with them, and on this particular occasion we played hearts and dominoes. Here's a peek into the rousing game of dominoes:

Okay, everyone who was photographed by me swears they didn't know they were being shot... doesn't everyone look like they are having a blast? Which brings me to my next point - the little Bakers are boring hosts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Zach, I showed Gma & Gpa what you did with their pics and Gma laughed till she cried! She did the full blown "laugh so hard her eyes shut and she put her hand over her mouth" laugh. Sorry we missed the party! Aunt Annie

8:04 PM  

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