Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mark your calendars

Hey Beacon fans, sorry for the lack of posts as of late.

Things have been going well in "the Pitt," and I hope the same is true at all of your abodes as well. It has been a little stressful recently, as I have been faced with choices of what to do after graduation. Well, the time has come for a firm decision regarding the TAC Automotive position in Dearborn, and I have graciously accepted it. This means that both EB and I are in for a gigantic change in our lives, both hopefully for the better. While removing ourselves to such a distant location may at first be lonely (and a tad depressing), we look forward to starting our lives as working adults. Other things to look forward to include, but are not limited to: buying a house, getting a dog, finally having a garage, forming new friendships with coworkers and church family, buying a nice car (for once!), and milder summers. It has been an incredibly tough decision, but we felt led to take this position through prayer (and the good ol' argument/rebuttal process). We are at peace with our decision, and, as of yet, have not had second thoughts. The starting date of my position will be either May 21st or June 11th, but probably the latter.

Well, that's the latest from our neck of the woods. Let's hope I can find some good stuff to post about in the near future.


Anonymous TK said...

It's hard to believe Zach is all grown up. I can still see him running back down the isle because his tux was "spicy".
Good luck, to the both of you, and make sure you keep this site updated.

1:42 PM  

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