Friday, January 26, 2007

An Unfortunate Evening

After a full day of interviewing and touring the Ford F-150 manufacturing plant, EB and I went out for a nice dinner at TGI Friday's. The food was AWESOME. We had the 3-course combos, each with green bean fries (which totally rock), groovy entrees, and succulent desserts. What is unfortunate about that, you may ask? It started with a near career-crippling mistake early this morning...

When EB and I returned to Pitt after Christmas break, I forgot my new suit in Newton. No big deal, I told myself - I would just use my old suit for the interview. So, when the time came for me to head to Dearborn for the interview, we packed it up and headed out. Did I try it on before we left to make sure I could still fit into it? No sir. Well, as I prepared for my big day this morning, I broke out said suit. And promptly realized that the pants no longer fit my tubby waist. After sucking in my gut (and a little crying), I managed to squeeze them on. I spent the entire day only half breathing and sitting as little as possible. So I made it my goal to lose a bit of pudge.

Bad time to do it. With such a great meal before us, I had to force myself not to gorge myself. I actually left half of my burger and fries on my plate uneaten. I was both sad and proud of myself at the same time. Anyways, that was what was unfortunate about the evening. Not being able to eat as much as I wanted to.

Then I found five dollars.


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