Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog = Diary, right?

Dear Diary,

It's cold outside today.

Everyone thinks that I only like cool techno gadgets because Pops D. does. Don't they think I have tastes of my own? It's not like he is the only one allowed to like iPods, right? On the other hand, he did get a Tivo (and then we did), and a flat screen TV (then we did too), and started a blog (then I did)... Okay, I live in his shadow.

I had a dream that I was yelling at my mom last night. She was working for a bunch of drug dealers out of her basement who were bringing drugs (in the form of seeds) in the house unnoticed by stuffing them into some type of root - ginger, maybe? Mom was then processing the drugs so they could sell them on the street. When I woke up, I had a sore throat. It was all very strange.

I got accepted into the National Scholars Honor Society a couple weeks ago. What does it avail me, you may ask? I don't really know for sure. It sounds classy though.

I really like this heated blanket I am under. It is a cocoon or warmth that keeps me happy amidst the frigid temperatures of the house.

I made my first pot roast yesterday. It turned out dang good, and EB and I ate a ton of it.

See you soon,



Anonymous Mammie said...

Can you say stream of consciousness? Oh well - it made me chuckle! You rock ZB! Do we need to do an intervention for your mom?

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

HEY! I don't have a problem, OK? NO need for and intervention at this time thank you very much! Son, what have you done to me?

10:38 PM  

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