Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This is my youngest sister, VB. She likes to poof her hair and get those devil eyes (you can see them if you look really close). As you may have noticed, this is her highschool graduation. She graduated from the same school I went to - I bet I had a smaller class though. Take that - HA! I am doing my best Frank the Tank impression, and EB is doing her best to look as tall as possible, seemingly dwarfed between two giants. It's okay, honey... it is a trick of the camera... Anyhoo, VB loves animals. This is evidenced by the 2 creatures that she has managed to get my parents to adopt. Hmmm... I seem to remember a certain Steak Nugget that I was told I couldn't keep. Once again, the responsibilities/priviledges thing gets more outta whack the futher down the line the kids are. VB is getting her Associates degree at the CC I went to, and working at one of the local Pet Hospitals - no, not Stephen King's. She copied me and EB and bought a Ford Probe, but it isn't as cool as ours. Power locks and windows rule!


Anonymous MOM said...

What a great family! You can sure tell you and Ronnie are siblings in this picture!!

1:36 PM  

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