Friday, October 20, 2006

The Rey's

Up next in our tour de ZB's freinds and family, we have the Rey's. They are on my mum's side of the family, and constitue one each of my uncles, aunts, and cousins. Just part of the circus (I mean that only in a good way) of my mom's family. Okay then!

This is JR. He is the heroic one of the family - he saved a bunch of people by throwing them in the walk-in freezer at Pizza Hut when he was the manager. Saved them from what, you ask? Freezer burn? No, it was a tornado that took out a bunch of homes and businesses. Other things he is known for: officiating my wedding ceremony, preaching, and being an all-around good guy.

This is AR, the loud one of the family. No, really, she is. She keeps things interesting using any and all tactics possible - tickling, wrestling, telling jokes, etc., but always a lot of laughing and/or yelling involved. AR sang a song at my wedding with another on of my uncles (who will remain nameless unless he chooses to take part in this blog - heehee!). She is pretty cool because she likes to ride motorcycles, but isn't one of those biker chicks that smokes more than a KC smokehouse. Smoking is bad - stay in school!

And last, but most likely not least, DR. I know he closely resembles a primate, but that is all show. Really, his personality is more like a hyena - one of those laughing ones. He loves to cut up and get laughts. A really goofy and fun guy to anyone who knows him. He loves to ride his motorcycles as well. What's that, DR? Grandpa needs a "far mischimasher"? That is the stuff legends are made of.


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