Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A New Acquisition

As you may have guessed from the picture to the left, the new Baker acquisition is, in fact, a motorcycle - a 2000 Aprilia RS50 to be exact. Known by some as a "scooter" and "death machine" by others, this mechanical monster is something I have been waiting a long time for. Now, before you jump to conclusions, I do not have a death wish. This little guy only sports a 50cc 2-cycle engine (ok, its an 85cc now) that produces approximately 15 horsepower. But OH MAN, is it a fun 15 horsepower! After a quick change of the chain, I took it on its maiden "voyage" today - and it performed well. One does not know freedom until they have experienced the thrill of a motorcycle ride. The bike itself only weighs 220 lbs. fully fueled, which is about half of what most "crotch rockets," or "canyon cutters," weigh. Now, the funny part. Riding this bike around town is comparable (in sound) to slapping wheels on a chain saw and going for a cruise. It only makes power from 7,500 rpm to 12,000 rpm, and for some reason Aprilia chose to make that range very loud. It almost makes you feel sorry for the little grannies with windows rolled down that you pass on the road. And the looks this thing gets amazes even me. I took it over to the Tech Center at PSU to put the new chain on, and actually got into an argument with a guy over how big the engine was. I told him it was a 50cc, but he was sure it was either a 550cc or 650cc because of how sporty it looks. In the end I had to start it up for him to prove it was just a "weed-eater" engine. He got really sad and walked off. Weird.
I am trying to convince EB that this is a great b-day present for her, as it has stopped my incessant whining about wanting a bike. Happy Birthday to her!!! Oh and, for those concerned, I have also added a high quality helmet to my recent purchase list (happy now, mom?). Anyhoo, this will be a frequent topic on my blog, so all of my literary fans can look forward to a lot more posts just like this.


Anonymous Helmet Police said...

I'm very glad you bought a helmet! I thank you and my future grandchildren thank you.

8:20 PM  

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