Sunday, October 22, 2006

MIL, Mom, or Weeza

Hey, mom! Just because you say you don't want your picture on here doesn't mean I not going to do it. Its all in fun, Cory boy!

Yes, this is my mom, RB. She can't hear too well sometimes, as shown in the picture where she is cupping her aged ear to hear what I am saying. Or does she just have an aversion to having her picture taken, and is winding up to knock me silly? We may never know. RB has a good heart, and her major fault, if any, is giving up too much of her time for others (much like her hubby). She works part-time at the bookstore with WB, and spends the rest of her time out at NCHS volunteering to keep the school running smoothly. As stated in the title of this post, she is often referred to as Aunt Weeza. For those of you who may not know what that is all about, watch the movie "Steel Magnolias" and you will understand. Heehee! RB loves her Mopar minivans - vehicles I have detested since she got her first one. Me: "Mom, why don't you buy a small SUV like a Subaru Forester that gets better gas mileage, has almost as much room, and is way cooler?". Mom: "I like the height of my seat in the minivan." Amazing distinguishing criteria, mom. If you are afraid of snakes, easily bullied into horribly embarassing situations, or partial to picking on "helpless" girls, stay away from RB. Just ask any of her uncles - they'll tell you the same thing. Or they may not, just to save face.

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?


Anonymous Mom said...

Just wanted to say "Lay off my minivan!" You know you love it anyway and are just waiting until you can buy your own!

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Rico Suave( Weatheric) said...

Minivans are gay

10:26 PM  

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