Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ok, since Gilligan was the first one to respond to the Get Famous post, this one is for her. You all (most likely) know that Gilligan is my big sis. No? I know, I know... I leave a big shadow. But, she has been around a couple years longer than me, and that makes her my big sister.

This is a picture of Gilligan and that guy, who you might also call her hubby, at GG's b-day party. As you can see, she got a lot of goofy presents like Bath & Body Works goop and Scrabble. Yay for her!

GG and I went to the same schools until college. She played varsity volleyball, and did very well each year. Then, she went off to CCC, got married, moved to Manhatten, and now resides in Seattle with that guy. GG has a pet fish named, uh, Mr. Squiggles is it? Oh, wait, its JD - no, not my pops-in-law. She is currently looking for a house in Seattle with her hubby - they have even placed a bid on a really nice place, or so I have heard. She drove a Mustang convertible through high school, and now drives a Mazda 626, which that guy recently fixed a hesitation problem on.

My fondest memory of GG is when we were both really little (I was like 2 yrs old, she was 4) and she wrote my name all over the wall and blamed me for it. Mom, of course, knew I was too young to even know what a letter was, and severly beat GG for it. Well, maybe not so much. But you get the picture.

Thanks for the response, GG!


Anonymous Gillian said...

Yea!! I am famous now! Thanks little bro!

6:07 PM  
Anonymous MOM said...

I love that story!!!

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Kami said...

don't feel bad geebs--I did something similar when I was 4 too. my dad was fixing the window on the front of my house and had everything out of it (screen etc) and I was supposed to be standing in the livingroom "helping"(handing him tools)--but instead I was standing there with my arm behind the wall next to me fabulously scribbling on the wall where my dad couldn't see from his vantage point outside--:) then I blamed it on benjamin (he was only 4 months at the time)--wonderful younger siblings :P

7:54 PM  

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