Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Eventful Day

I am sorry about the pictures in this post, Beacon readers. The photographer took a sick day, and I fired the backup a couple weeks ago and forgot to find a new one. So I was forced to use an artist's renderings to present the events of my day - the blog MUST go on.So there I was, a little groggy from a decent night's rest, and I walk into the office to check my mail. Imagine my surprise when Mr. Google (mail) tells me I have a message from Caterpillar Corporate HQ - real high-level, you know. I proceed to read it, and they tell me that they want me to come work for them! The NERVE! Just kidding, it was a real honor, as there were apparently quite a few interviewees that had previous experience in CAT dealerships or had gone through the 2 year CAT program. They pay pretty well; after the internship, if they hire you full-time you start at around $50k or better. NICE. The details are a bit sketchy though, as the time period for the internship I was offered is from January to April of the upcoming year. Those of you who know me know that I intend on finishing up my degree next spring, so that is not exactly going to jive. But, maybe there is some mistake.

After that bit of good news, I went to my normal classes, Auto Trans. and Climate Control. Those classes are CAKE (mostly)! I think right now I am sitting at the top of all my classes in the Auto Tech Dept., and in half of my classes elsewhere (one out of two is still half, right?). Anyhoo, I came back to the pad and played a little Halo, looked at some posts about my bike, and read the Dish, which is far more amusing than this post ever could hope to be. EB came home, we ate, and watched Futurama (by far one of the top 5 TV shows). Oops! 15 minutes til the interview I realized I was scheduled to talk to Ethos Corporation. A quick gooping up of the cowlick (yes, I go to class with a fifth of my hair doing whatever it wanted - so what?), a nasty fast shave, and off I went - I mean off Elaine drove me! On woman, I'll be late! Got there, had a talk with this guy. He was nice enough. A little hard to read, but he seemed to like me. As a candidate for the job that is. At least I hope. Anyway, interview over, I headed home.

Seeing as I am completely addicted to my bike, I had to find an excuse to ride it. Today, I decided that reason would be getting a parking permit for it. As soon as I got home, before I was even out of my monkey suit, I started up April (that is a good name for an Aprilia, am I right?) to let her warm up. I threw off the clothes, donned some regulars, and headed for the door. Dang! The phone beeped signifying that someone left a message. Apparently Antonio was desperate to play a spot of Halo with him (he only uses me for my head-removing talent). So I fired up the old 360 and played a few games. By the time I was done, I was yearning for a spin. Idiot me, EB informed me that PSU Parking closed an hour before. Not to be discouraged, I went for a spin anyways. I figured the thrill of riding was excuse enough. About, oh, I'd say 3 blocks out, I realized my hands weren't working right. Could it be from the sub-zero arctic front that rolled in last night, and the fact that I have not yet purchased riding gloves? Maybe. But I decided to high-tail it home before something went really bad and they had to scrape me off the road - not the right time for a funeral. If you are wondering, those are drops of oil flowing from the massive leak in my transmission (shifter seal, I think). So, that leads me to now, blogging away to my heart's content. This is really good stuff, too. Don't you think?


Anonymous April Reynolds said...

Hey Zach! I know you've always called me Aunt Annie, but this may be a good time to tell you that my name is April. I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with you naming a motorcycle after me.

7:21 PM  

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