Friday, May 05, 2006

Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse: A Review

As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of eating. I mean I could eat all day long if I wouldn't get so bloated. Pops (JD) and I were having a discussion today and decided that the ideal situation for both of us would be that we could eat as much as we wanted of whatever we wanted and it wouldn't be bad for us - hey, we can dream. Sadly, I still try to attempt this feat as often as possible, but I always come away in serious pain, but having not eaten as much as I would have liked. Because I am what some people call "poor," the only places I am usually allowed to gorge myself is at all-you-can-eat restaurants; mainly buffets and, of course, Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse.
Gaucho is a very unique restaurant. They serve side dishes (baked potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, baked beans, bread) family-style, but the way they serve the meat is quite different. They bring all sorts of meats (smoked turkey, pork tenderloin, top sirloin, steak tips, bacon-wrapped chicken, ham, sausage, etc.) out on sword-type skewers and cut off fresh pieces onto your plate. It is de-lish. The first time I ate there was kind of a fluke, but it was a magical experience.
Anyways, Laney and I revisited this culinary wonder yesterday, and we even had a coupon for half off the second meal! Needless to say, we were excited. The evening started out a little on the poor side, as our waitress did not seem too happy to be serving us (unlike the elderly patrons next to us). Our side dishes took longer to get out to us than to our neighbors, and we were there a full 5 minutes before them. Things started going better as the meat couriers started ferrying their succulent morsels to our table. However, towards the end of our meal, the entire staff apparently forgot that we even existed. We were offered very little meat, and when we specifically asked for more of a certain two kinds (3 times no less!), we were only given one. That was bad, but the patronage around us was absolutely atrocious. There were 2 families of about 6 each, with children that were totally out of control. I will not go into details (that would take far too long, and most of you probably aren't going to make it even this far), but both Laney and I were fairly disturbed by the complete lack of parenting that we saw. Too bad I am 21 - I would like to have smacked both sets of parents without fear of jail time for assault. We left feeling underwhelmed by the experience, and have decided that we will only go back late on a weekend, and then only with parents or grandparents (so that they actually pay attention to us). Youth discrimination sucks!


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