Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movie night reviews - King Kong and Fun with Dick and Jane

Surprisingly, I was not all that enthused about watching this movie. Many of those who know me know that I am a HUGE Jim Carrey fan, and have seen all of his movies many times (except Rubberface - I heard that one was the pits. But hey, it was his first!). So Laney brought this movie home and we watched it last night. It was not too bad. I always love it when Jim Carrey gets to be Jim Carrey in his movies, unlike his roles in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Man on the Moon. It started kind of slow, but I guess the writers had to make somewhat of a justification for a married couple with a kid to rob banks at gunpoint. It had a lot of humor in it, and ended with Jim setting the world right - a very feel-good way to wrap it up. I give it 7 of 10 stars.

King Kong was decidedly predictable. Everyone knows that a romance between an ape and a woman could not and should not work, so something bad is going to happen. There was the greedy producer who endangers the lives of everyone around him to get "the shot," the big weenie who takes the credit for saving the day (I liked that guy a lot better on Early Edition), the misled captain who is just trying to get everyone home safe, the hero that is too shy to take any credit, and the blond with a thing for primates. That may sound harsh, but its an honest perception. The movie was entertaining, and I don't regret watching it. However, I doubt I will watch it again anytime soon - its nothing like a Dumb and Dumber flick you can watch 4 times a day and still manage to bust a gut each time. My favorite part of this movie was watching Kong bite the T-Rex's tongue off and beat on his noggin until he opened his mouth so he could rip his jaw apart. That monkey was quite the puppet master - maybe he should consider a job change.


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I agree with ZB.

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